Stress management training

An approach to stress management that will last, because it’s aimed at your stress “PROFIL©”


An approach to stress management that works, because it’s comprehensive 

You will identify your stress triggers and sources: your “CATAS©”.

You will adopt a strategy for managing stress that suits your stress “PROFIL©”.

You will learn how to handle your stress from every angle: cognitively, physically and behaviourally.

You will find a better work-life balance.

Responding to your needs

Before we do anything else, we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you find challenging and what holds you back so that we can offer the solution that actually meets your needs.

We make sure that each participant gains practical skills that they can use in real-life situations. 

Our ambition is to be a partner that is easy to work with, and that offers excellent value for money.

That is what we have been doing for over 20 years.

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The goals of our stress management training

Our training will teach you how to:

  • Understand the sources of your stress and identify your stress signals.
  • Establish a long-term approach to managing stress.
  • Find a higher level of wellbeing, quality of work and quality of life.

What you will learn

Understand stress so that you can manage it:

  • Definition of stress.
  • Causes of stress.
  • Signals of stress.

Carry out a self-assessment to identify your stress levels.


Prevent stress:

  • Identify your stress triggers.
  • Recognise your alarm signals.
  • Use and apply the barostress®* 


Learn techniques to manage stress in the long term 

  • Take action on a cognitive level: get into a positive frame of mind.
    • adopt a frame of mind that makes things easier.
    • turn your restrictive beliefs into positive thoughts.
    • take a step back, put things into perspective.

  • Take action on a physical level: (re)discover peace of mind using a range of relaxation tools.
    • learn how to relax, use solutions that suit your cognitive profile and your personality.
    • work on your breathing.
    • identify and understand your emotions.

  • Take action on a behavioural level: adopt constructive ways of working.
    • identify which behaviours you need to develop: say “no”, set boundaries, make requests, establish priorities.

  • Define the most effective kinds of actions depending on your personality.

Create your action plan 


* The barostress® is a tool created by Métamorphoses to develop a long-term approach to stress management. Métamorphoses is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights to the barostress®.

The benefits for your organisation

  • You will find it easier to stay calm and work effectively when stressful situations arise.
  • You will rediscover your own means, creativity and effectiveness.
  • Your organisation will become calmer and it will function in a more structured, productive way.


Practical information

Target audience

Anyone; no prerequisites.

Intra-company training groups

Languages: French, Dutch, English.
Recommended duration: 2 days of training.
Dates: to be decided by mutual agreement.
Locations: France, Belgium, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Canada.
Budget: please ask.

One-to-one training

Languages: French, English. 
Recommended duration: 4 half-days.
Dates: to be decided by mutual agreement.
Remote training.
Budget: please ask


The training is given by one of our trainers and supervised by Françoise Platiau, partner and founder of Métamorphoses, coach and trainer, certified to provide training according to Anné Linden’s boundaries model.

Why put your faith in us?

A reliable partner

We have been there for you for over 20 years. We know our tools inside out. We work with expert trainers.

A comfortable working relationship

We strive to be a partner that is easy to work with.

A response to your needs

We start by listening to you. We recommend a solution that specifically responds to YOUR needs.


We offer excellent value for money.