Adaptative coaching

Coaching that is optimised to suit who you are


A more productive approach to coaching

A standard coaching methodology doesn’t suit all personality types.

That’s why we adapt the coaching process, the questions we ask and our style of coaching to your profile.

Your coaching journey is shorter and takes you further.

This means that the coaching you receive is optimised to suit who you are

Responding to your needs

Before we do anything else, we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you find challenging and what holds you back so that we can offer the solution that actually meets your needs.

We make sure that each participant gains practical skills that they can use in real-life situations.

Our ambition is to be a partner that is easy to work with, and that offers excellent value for money.

That is what we have been doing for over 20 years.

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Our coaching solutions

Honing skills

Interpersonal skills
Operational skills
Strategic skills...

Manager coaching

  • Coaching a new manager: establishing his/her credibility, gaining acceptance as a manager etc.
  • Developing a constructive, effective leadership style.

Closing sessions

  • Prepare for a promotion, additional responsibilities, replacement.
  • Support for new projects and challenges.
  • Succeed in a new role.

Support when faced with difficult situations

  • Playing your part.
  • Tackling difficult situations.
  • Problems relating to stress, burn-out, conflict, harassment.
  • Rediscovering your professional drive.

Our approach

Introductory session

  • We listen to you to create a relationship based on mutual trust.
  • Together, we define everybody’s individual coaching goals and commitments.
  • We formalise the relationship in a trilateral coaching contract.

Coaching sessions

  • We identify your profile as a coachee to decide which approach suits you best.
  • We follow the DECODE© (Définition, Exploration, Conscientisation, Options, Décision, Evaluation approach to coaching (literally, Definition, Exploration, Awareness-raising, Options, Decision, Assessment): it comes from the GROW model, adapting the coaching process to all profiles.
  • The sessions are semi-guided and based on proactive listening.
  • They are organised to leave enough time in between to offer opportunities for practical applications in the field.
  • At the end of each session, an action plan is drawn up for the next one.
  • Our coaching journeys are made up of 5 sessions, each one lasting 2 hours.

Closing sessions

  • We take stock of what progress has been made.
  • Together, we define any areas that require attention, as well as your needs in terms of organisational support.

Adapting our coaching to your needs

To maximise your return on investment, we will build coaching journeys around your specific needs and your profile as a coachee:
  • Beforehand: we will talk to you to identify your needs.
  • During the coaching: we adapt our coaching methodology to the coachee’s cognitive profile.
  • Afterwards: we will have a closing session to help you support the coachee as effectively as possible in the long term.
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The benefits for your organisation

Your coaching journey is shorter and takes you further.

This means that the coaching you receive is optimised to suit who you are.

Practical information

Target audience
Anyone; no prerequisites.

French, Dutch, English.

France, Belgium, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Canada

Recommended duration
Coaching journey involving 5 sessions + introductory session + final session

Want to know more?

Contact Jean-Luc Dupont for any questions you might have about coaching.
Jean-Luc Dupont

Partner and founder

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Why put your faith in us?

A reliable partner

We have been there for you for over 20 years. We know our tools inside out. We work with expert trainers.

A comfortable working relationship

We strive to be a partner that is easy to work with.

A response to your needs

We start by listening to you. We recommend a solution that specifically responds to YOUR needs.


We offer excellent value for money.