Team Building

Create a closer-knit, more effective team


An approach adapted to your team’s development stage

Creating a successful team is a bit like an obstacle course that needs to be completed successfully.

We will help you meet all the conditions you need to nurture the engagement and commitment of your employees.

We begin by working out what stage your organisation is at.

We can then offer an approach that will really help you raise your game.

Responding to your needs

Before we do anything else, we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you find challenging and what holds you back so that we can offer the solution that actually meets your needs.

We make sure that each participant gains practical skills that they can use in real-life situations.

Our ambition is to be a partner that is easy to work with, and that offers excellent value for money.

That is what we have been doing for over 20 years.

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How to build a close-knit, effective team

In order to build a close-knit team where all the members work together, 4 conditions need to be met:

1. Avoid organisational obstacles

Are there any (historic) situations that might be undermining confidence and commitment?

2. Make sure everyone embraces your goals

Do all of your employees have the same vision of who needs to do what?

3. Build on different personality types

Do your employees understand and appreciate each other?

4. Communicate effectively

Are there any bad habits or attitudes that impede cooperation?

1. Avoid organisational obstacles to cohesion

  • A diagnosis of the causes of strained working relationships.
  • Recommendations and action plan.

Approach based on Organisational Development, a set of tools to improve an organisation’s performance and sustainability.

2. Encourage everyone to embrace roles, missions, values and clear targets

  • Work together to establish a vision, a mission, values, shared targets for the whole team.
  • Clarification of the roles within the team.

Method inspired by Lego Serious Play.

3. Facilitate comprehension and build on the complementary personalities of individuals within the team

  • Understanding relationship issues.
  • Improving communication and understanding between colleagues.
  • Creating synergies with different people.

Use of MBTI® to encourage people to be more open to others and turn individual differences into positive solutions.

Use of Process Communication Management® to manage people who communicate negatively.

4. Nurture effective communication

  • Developing the right reflexes for collaboration.

A fun approach based on educational games.

Adapting team building solutions to your needs

To maximise your return on investment, we will build our team building solutions around your specific needs:

  • Beforehand: we will talk to you to identify your team’s situation and which of our approaches best suits your needs.
  • During: our approach to facilitation encourages each individual to express him or herself, avoiding taboos.
  • Afterwards: we will provide a debrief with our suggestions to support your employees in the long term.
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The benefits for your organisation

You will maximise the impact on the cohesion of your team; we will help you choose the approach that best suits the challenges that you face.

Your employees will be given real content with the practical tools / solutions to help everybody work better together.

Practical information

Target audience
Anyone; no prerequisites.

French, Dutch, English.

France, Belgium, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Canada.

Want to know more?

Contact Jean-Luc Dupont for any questions you might have about team building.
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Why put your faith in us?

A reliable partner

We have been there for you for over 20 years. We know our tools inside out. We work with expert trainers.

A comfortable working relationship

We strive to be a partner that is easy to work with.

A response to your needs

We start by listening to you. We recommend a solution that specifically responds to YOUR needs.


We offer excellent value for money.