Training on managing your emotions

Turn your emotions into allies


Adopt an effective strategy for managing emotions 

You will have a better understanding of emotions and how useful they can be.

You will try out different tools to help you understand your feelings better.

You will be able to express yourself more constructively and calmly, and you will stop getting overwhelmed by the excessive emotions of the people you deal with.

You will hone your emotional intelligence to rediscover a better, sustainable mental balance.

Responding to your needs

Before we do anything else, we start by listening to you. We want to understand what you find challenging and what holds you back so that we can offer the solution that actually meets your needs.

We make sure that each participant gains practical skills that they can use in real-life situations. 

Our ambition is to be a partner that is easy to work with, and that offers excellent value for money.

That is what we have been doing for over 20 years.

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The goals of our training on managing your emotions

Our training will teach you how to:

  • Turn your emotions into allies to become more well-rounded and effective in your work.
  • Manage your reactions to difficult situations or people.

What you will learn

Adopt the right strategy for managing emotions:

  • Avoid common errors by moving away from preconceived ideas about emotions.
  • Understand how useful they can be.
  • Identify how to use your emotions properly.


You will understand yourself better:

  • Understand your feelings by understanding basic emotions and familiarising yourself with a little emotional dictionary.
  • Carry out a self-assessment.


Manage your emotions effectively with the “RECUL” (“take a step back”) model.


Be self-aware:

  • Develop your ability to be aware of your emotional state at any time.
  • Identify and give names to your emotions, using the right words, to take a step back.


Interpret your emotions:

  • Identify the “underlying message” of your emotions to pinpoint the right strategy for managing them.
  • Focus on your own needs to help you respond to emotional situations.


Transform your emotions:

  • Transform your thoughts to help you cope better with your emotions.
  • Take appropriate action, or communicate, in order to respond to your needs.


Find the right distance between yourself and other people’s emotions:

  • Learn how to develop your “Boundaries” so you can be empathetic without feeling overwhelmed.


Consolidate your emotions:

  • Develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Adopt healthy habits when it comes to life and communication to help you manage emotions more effectively.


Apply what you have learned and take lessons from situations that you have experienced.


Create your action plan.

The benefits for your organisation

  • You will find it easier to react constructively when difficult situations arise.
  • You will express your emotions and your needs more effectively.
  • Your organisation will become calmer and it will function in a more structured, productive way.

Practical information

Target audience

Anyone; no prerequisites.

Intra-company training groups

Languages: French, Dutch, English.
Recommended duration: 2 days of training.
Dates: to be decided by mutual agreement.
Locations: France, Belgium, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Canada.
Budget: please ask.

One-to-one training

Languages: French, English. 
Recommended duration: 4 half-days.
Dates: to be decided by mutual agreement.
Remote training.
Budget: please ask


The training is given by one of our senior trainers and supervised by Françoise Platiau, partner and founder of Métamorphoses, coach and trainer, certified to provide training according to Anné Linden’s boundaries model.

Why put your faith in us?

A reliable partner

We have been there for you for over 20 years. We know our tools inside out. We work with expert trainers.

A comfortable working relationship

We strive to be a partner that is easy to work with.

A response to your needs

We start by listening to you. We recommend a solution that specifically responds to YOUR needs.


We offer excellent value for money.